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RSS Pakistan Launched
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3rd March 2010, Islamabad

Rental Power Generation Company RSS Launched Pakistan Office

RSS-Pakistan to bridge the gap between power generation supply and electricity demand where power shortage in Pakistan reaches 3,000MW

Islamabad,  Rental Solutions & Services LLC (RSS), a global provider of rental power, temporary cooling & mobile water solutions has recently expanded its operations in Pakistan .

Pakistan’s current power shortage is approximately 3,000 MW. The country is a victim of this shortfall and in order to achieve this demand on a short-term basis, installation of rental power generators is the ideal solution.

RSS Pakistan Office Launched

RSS Pakistan Office Signs MOU With Orient Energy Systems (Cummins UK Distributor in Pakistan)

Robert Bagatsing, Group Marketing Manager of RSS says “RSS-Pakistan offers the most fuel efficient and reliable rental diesel power generation solutions which encompasses several applications including long term rental power plants, short term temporary utility package, turnkey power generation, temporary transformers, load bank rentals, stand-by-power generators, emergency diesel rental generators and rural electrification.  RSS will also provide temperature rental packages, rental cooling, mobile water desalination packages to the Pakistan market.”

Rental Solutions & Services has been successfully providing multi megawatt rental power generation and temporary cooling solutions in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates. Majority of the iconic projects in the Middle East are being serviced by RSS.

Anees Khokar, CEO RSS-Pakistan mentions that "Rental Solutions & Services (RSS-Pakistan) and Orient Energy System, the Cummins Power Generation UK (CPGK) distributor for Pakistan has signed an agreement to supply Cummins UK diesel generating sets for the Pakistan market."

Mehmud Saeed, Chief Operating Officer, RSS Pakistan mentioned that RSS Pakistan selected Cummins generators because of its optimum performance and fuel efficiency. RSS Pakistan will provide the most reliable and cost effective generator hire equipment in the market.

RSS Pakistan rental power generator units ranges from 100 kVA to 2 MW each with environment friendly enclosures, double bunded fuel tanks, transformers, load banks and power accessories.

Milan Balac, Managing Director of RSS says that “RSS Pakistan is a very important territory and we are positive that within 12 months, our rental generator products will be known through out the country, including key locations like Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Hyderabad, Peshawar and Bahawalpur.”

About RSS Group

Rental Solutions & Services (RSS) is a global provider of rental power, temporary cooling and mobile water solutions, offering reliable equipment, flexible services and exceptional engineering services, at a moments notice.

RSS Rental Power Generation Division:

Rental Solutions & Services (RSS) offers the most reliable and fuel efficient diesel power generation equipment. Whether it’s a single site event project or a multi-megawatt power solution for the whole city, RSS offers various range of highly efficient diesel powered generators and power accessories to suit the requirements of any clients around the world.

RSS can deliver, install, operate and manage multi-megawatt power project site anywhere in the world, which includes a dedicated service team to plan, organize and manage the entire process of supplying power.

State-of-the-art diesel power generators with incorporated generator controllers using the latest efficiency technology and the youngest fleet in the market.

RSS provide engineered power solutions to any industry that requires uninterrupted electricity or maintenance, testing and commissioning of equipments.

RSS Power Products

RSS temporary power solutions include state-of-the-art diesel generators, with intelligent logical controllers incorporated, containerized and highly efficient & sound attenuated; power-distribution cabinets, comprehensive range of load banks, multi-tap transformers, change-over panels and power-junction boxes. RSS also offer extended range of environmentally safe fuel tanks & high current flexible power cables, all suited for extreme ambient conditions. Generators capacity: 15kVA, 30kVA, 60kVA, 125kVA, 220kVA, 300kVA, 500kVA, 640kVA, 800kVA, 1000kVA, 1250kVA, hybrid and tribrid gensets.

Independent Power Projects (IPP)

• Utilities – offering turnkey solutions in supplementing power to the grid due to seasonal peak demand, maintenance or unplanned outages.
• Military – uninterrupted power supply to military, air force,, NATO allied forces, airports, sea-ports and naval bases.
• Government – assist government & UN in rebuilding country’s power infrastructure by supplying multi-megawatt power to the grid.
• Emergency – providing emergency power to communities in cases of typhoon, earthquake and other natural calamities.
• Rural & Island – offering multi-megawatt power generation to inaccessible locations and hard-to-reach islands.
• Construction – powering site office, cranes, welding & other heavy equipment prior to utility connection at site.
• Oil & Gas – upstream & downstream power solutions; onshore & offshore high voltage power generation; load banks for commissioning, shut-down & maintenance.
• Events – turnkey power solutions for exhibitions, trade fair, concerts and sporting events.
• Industrial – providing power to manufacturing plants, factories, FMCG and warehouses.
• Shipping – scheduled maintenance, emergency or onshore generators, load banks, fuel tanks & distribution boards.
• Telecommunications – hybrid or tribrid generators that are fuel efficient, saves operation expenses & ideal for remote cell tower locations.


RSS Rental Temperature Control Division:

Rental Solutions & Services (RSS) offers the most reliable and efficient temperature control equipment. Whether it’s a single site project or a large district cooling plant, RSS offers a wide range of highly efficient temperature control equipment and cooling accessories to suit the requirements of any clients anywhere in the world.
RSS can deliver, install, operate and manage multi-megawatt cooling projects anywhere in the world, including a dedicated service team to plan, and manage the entire process of supplying a temporary cooling project.

RSS offers the latest technology chillers, air conditioning units, plate heat exchangers, spot coolers, dehumidifiers, air handling units.

RSS provides a comprehensive engineered cooling solution to any industry including commissioning maintenance and operation of the equipment.

RSS rental cooling solutions includes high efficiency air-cooled chillers, water-cooled modules, air handling units, packaged cooling applications cooling towers and integral VFD pumps. Our products also include a wide range of fluid pumps for various applications, a variety of certified high pressure flexible hoses, a large inventory of fluid line components including double regulating valves, non-return valves, strainers and associated equipment. Also available are automatic make-up water and chemical treatment systems, in-house fabrication facilities for project-specific installation requirements such as headers, reducers and connection points. Remote monitoring options are also available for all temporary chiller installations.

Temperature Control Applications
• Construction & contracting
• Emergency  requirements
• Events
• Food & beverage
• Government & UN projects
• Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
• Hospitality
• Industrial manufacturing
• IT & server rooms
• Logistics, airports, shipping, dry docks, cargo, metro stations & warehouses
• Military
• Mining  and tunneling
• Oil & Gas, petrochemicals and refineries
• Telecommunication equipment and remote cell tower locations.
• Utilities & district cooling


RSS Mobile Water Desalination Division:

RSS mobile desalination water includes reverse osmosis membranes for brackish and sea-water available in 20 ft or 40 ft containers each with a capacity of up to 1000 m3 per day. Mobile desalination technology includes pre treatment, low and high pressure pumps, reverse osmosis membranes and all associated chemical dosing pumps and control equipment. All units are ‘plug & play’, with only power supply, inlet water, product water and brine discharge connections required. RSS Water target markets are:

• Markets that require drinking water, whether emergency, temporary or longer term basis. This includes labour camps, remote or island communities, waterless zones, disaster areas, or any location where water availability is not sufficient to meet local demand.
• Back-up water (plus cooling & power) system for nuclear power plants, large industrial manufacturers and heavy industries.
• Markets that require high or ultra-high quality water for industrial process operations.
• Markets that require water to be purified for cooling towers including district cooling plants, boilers and heat exchangers.
• The treatment and re-cycling of industrial effluent to reduce demand on municipal supplies.
• Markets where treated sewage effluent (TSE) is passed through a membrane-based plant and made safe for re-use in irrigation or industrial applications.
• Construction site usage for concrete batching plants, dust-suppression, fire-water or other uses.
• The production of water for farm and agricultural usage.

RSS Service Division:

Rental Solutions & Services (RSS) provide annual preventive maintenance and service contract to companies who are using power generators and HVAC equipment.  RSS flexibility, rapid response & understanding the requirements of our clients are successful elements in providing service & maintenance in power and HVAC equipments. RSS in-house engineering and fabrication facility, plus our wide experience in power & cooling, enables us to fully support, maintain and service any brands of power generators & HVAC equipment.

Power Service (Generators)

Diesel generator, whether used as prime or backup emergency power, must be regularly maintained to ensure the quality of power are performing in its optimum and are fuel efficient. Companies who own generators will require preventive maintenance to monitor the life-cycle of the power generators, codify the findings and apply regular routine maintenance.

RSS Power Services includes:
• Load bank testing
• Changing fuel and air filters
• Checking fluid levels
• Battery inspection and cleaning of connections
• Verifying control panel readings and indicators
• Replacement of worn out parts or upgrading components

HVAC Service (Heating, Ventilation A/C and Chillers)

RSS customize preventive maintenance programs and design each work items list in a custom format specific to the client’s HVAC equipment.

RSS Chiller Services includes:
• Repair, spares / refurbishment
• Service & maintenance
• Re-charging of chiller refrigerant / Refrigerant leak testing & refrigerant recovery / Retrofit & replacement of refrigerant
• Chiller commissioning services
• Industrial process chiller service
• Replacement of compressors, condensers, evaporators
• Condenser cleaning
• 24/7 emergency response service

Press Contact:
Robert Bagatsing
Group Marketing Manager
Rental Solutions & Services
P.O. Box 53220, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

RSS offers a wide range of diesel powered generators and power accessories
RSS offers various temperature control equipment, temporary district cooling solutions and rental cooling packages
RSS offers mobile desalination plant for brackish and sea-water with a capacity of up to 1000 m3 per day.
RSS provides annual preventive maintenance and service contract to all types of power generators and HVAC equipment.
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