Temperature Control and Cooling System Rental


10,000TR Temporary Cooling Plant, UAE


28 Months




Our customer, manager of a multinational award-winning exhibition centre in the UAE, sought a temporary cooling provider that could deliver a modern temporary district cooling plant during the development of their district cooling facilities. The temporary facility was to service several mixed-use high rise buildings in the iconic development.


In collaboration with the customer, RSS developed and designed a modern concept of a temporary district cooling plant. This temporary cooling solution used chiller systems in a unique configuration with the intention of delivering efficiencies similar to those expected from permanent facilities. Initially, the temporary district cooling plant was supported by temporary power generation equipment, however, the plant saw further efficiencies on the scheduled switchover to 11kV packaged Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADDC) approved transformers and power factor correction units. The temporary district cooling plant featured many new technologies, which enabled further efficiencies and enhanced performance, including:

  • Unique air-cooled chiller selection and configuration, designed in-house in collaboration with the equipment manufacturers

  • Installation of BTU metering and SCADA communications system to monitor plant performance.


Our solution offered notable advantages over the market competition, including:

  • Unparalleled fuel efficiencies as RSS accurately mapped data with the assistance of the equipment manufacturers: kW (electrical) required per TR (tonnage) produced

  • Low ΔT Syndrome corrections during the winter months.

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