Imran Syed

Head, Hybrid Energy

Dr. Imran Syed comes with over 5 years of experience designing and operating hybrid microgrids that combine conventional diesel generation with renewables and energy storage. He has successfully implemented some of the most complex microgrids operating in the region for a variety of applications from site offices to large mining operations.

Dr. Imran is recognized for his expertise on energy storage and its integration in hybrid microgrids and has led the installation of over 12 MWh of Lithium based energy storage systems in the Middle East including designing and developing locally integrated battery systems. He holds a special interest in the simulation and control of hybrid systems and is building data driven tools at RSS to better estimate the performance of hybrid systems making them more bankable.

Dr. Imran and his team help design and commercialize hybrid solutions at RSS enabling its customers to transition from conventional fuel-based generation to more sustainable energy solutions.

Dr. Imran spent over 7 years in academia including a stint at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), before shifting to the industry and holds a PhD in electrical power engineering with a focus on renewables. He has published in some of the leading journals in the field.